About LeReve

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The Product

At Le Reve, we are proud to provide flowers that are born from sustainable crop production and fair labor practices. That is why we choose flowers grown locally or with VeriFlora Certified (sustainable grown) and Fair Trade Certified labels. We know our flowers come from farms that are ever increasing the use of natural pest controls, and reducing water and energy use as well as providing global community benefits and product quality and safety.

The Preparation

When I am creating flowers for an event or wedding, or even a simple arrangement for a business or home, I often dream up a theme. I’ll look at all the details: what my clients have highlighted as important, their personalities, the location, clothing choices (in the case of a wedding or event). All of these details create a theme that speaks to me about the flowers and how I will choose and arrange them.
I always order flowers with one client in mind at a time. When I am at the market, I custom-pick each arrangement, making sure I find only the freshest and finest flowers for the occasion. I carefully prepare each bloom to encourage the longest lasting arrangement possible.

The End Result

Because my background is in art, I think my whole view of the natural environment in which we live and my knowledge of our history living in that environment – what we have created artistically in order to co-exist in it – is paramount. I am out in nature everyday looking at the beauty around me. Then I remember all the beautiful things people have created in our past and present: paintings, clothing, buildings, gardens and so on. I take everything in together. The resulting forms I create -- my art, my design -- are seeds grown from those trees. It all informs me and helps me to produce my work.
Part of my venture as a floral designer is to really surprise people through exciting arrangements. Whether they are large scale and flamboyant or small and elegant, I try to implant that tiny seed of our history with nature -- our attempt to reign in its wildness – or our understanding that its wildness is its beauty. I see my work as refined yet fanciful, adventurous and exciting, and a lot of fun to create.


Le Reve provides all of its services for clients from Newbury, which is located near Newburyport on the North Shore of Boston, a growing venue for weddings and events. With stunning views of the ocean, beaches, marshes and woodlands, as well as great places to stay, dine and shop – the North Shore is one of the best kept secrets of Massachusetts. Visit our “Vendors and Venues” page for links to local vendors and venues. In addition to the North Shore, Le Reve also provides services in all of MA, ME, NH, RI and CT. Visit our pages for details.

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